Teaching Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Science and Engineering Across Europe within
Horizon 2020
Dear Reader,
It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the development of the educational platform TeacHy2020 which addresses the supply of undergraduate and graduate education (BEng/BSc, MEng/MSc, PhD etc.) in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies (FCHT) across Europe.

The TeacHy2020 project organised the kick-off meeting in Brussels on 21st November

The main objective of the project is to deliver a substantially improved teaching of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen content across Europe by the year 2020.

TeacHy2020 will take a lead in building a repository of university grade educational material, as well as design and run an MSc course on FCHT, accessible to students across Europe. To achieve this, the project has assembled a core group of highly experienced institutions working with a network of associate partners (universities, vocational training bodies and industry).
The project partnership covers the prevalent languages and educational systems in Europe. The associated network has over 20 partners, including two IPHE countries, and a strong link to IPHE activities in education.
One main project outcome will be to build and run a 1 year MSc course during the project, accessible to master's students across Europe. Schemes of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) will be integrated into the project activities. In particular, the PgCert in Professional Development (Hydrogen Safety) will be established and started in September 2018.

In addition to collecting the teaching and training material, on an electronic platform, and composing the 1 year specialisation MSc course, TeacHy2020 also aims to use the electronic platform to become a single-stop shop repository for accessing FCHT information by a wider range of target groups, including, the general public and professionals, that can benefit from the resources and initiatives of the project.
The TeacHy2020 content offered by e-learning formats will be integrated onto the NET-Tools platform. In collaboration with NET-Tools a specific section will be deployed on the server reserved for TeacHy2020 learning management system for hosting the content.
Forthcoming events and courses:
  • Joint European Summer School on FCH Technology (September 2018)
  • Online course PgCert in Professional Development (Hydrogen Safety) (September 2018)
  • MSc course trial run (October 2018)
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