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The 4th Gathering Event

Online meeting in Zoom

The 4th Gathering Event of the project TeacHy put together actors involved in the projects as well as all parties that could be potentially interested by using the material developed in TeacHy. The MSc opportunities in FC Hydrogen Technologies have been highlited and discussed.

The links to presentations, agenda and Zoom video can bee downloaded below.

Agenda download

Zoom video download

Programme of the day




14:00 Start of the meeting and Welcome Words P. Hendrick
14:05 The Teachy project and the JU FCH objectives A. Garcia Hombrados
14:15 Introduction and Status of TeacHy R. Steinberger
14:45 A Lab demo as taught in Teachy M. Santarelli
15:15 The TIME network and Teachy external interest J-L. Delplancke
15:45 Linking TeacHy with another international online energy educational concept Torsten Fransson - KTH
16:00 EUREC - An example of a European coordinated MSc programme for Renewable Energies  
16:15 Brainstorming / Q&A
17:00 Adjournment of the meeting  


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The TeacHy project is part of the project portfolio of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking.

Project reference: 779730.