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Hydrogen Safety - TeacHy

List of Deliverables

Deliverable number

Deliverable title 

Lead partner
Delivery date
D1.1 Definition of target group, topics and modules  EPFL  M2
D1.2 Process plan for building courses DTU   M3
D1.3 Definition of learning outcomes for each level, teaching methodology and module assessment UBHAM  M4 
D1.4 Definition of module indicators and protocols UCPT  M6 
D1.5 Glossary of terms in education and FCH technologies UBHAM  M6 
D2.1 Course and module layout design UBHAM M3 
D2.2 Development of module contents DTU  M18 
D2.3 Peer review of module contents (summary report) ULB M20 
D2.4 Translated content  EPFL M24 
D3.1 Development of MSc course  POLITO M12
D3.2 ‘Remote Lab’ Interface POLITO  M18
D3.3 Trial run of MSc course Grenoble INP  M24
D3.4 First run of MSc course  UBHAM M36 
D4.1 Vocational Training Interface Strategy  TUD M9 
D4.2 Vocational Training Content  UPB M9 
D4.3 Preparation of CPD scheme implementation plan report TUD   M15 
D4.4 CPD scheme registration and accreditation UBHAM  M17  
D4.5 Preparation of CPD progress report templates  UPB M17  
D5.1 Members of Supporting Teams (list of members, responsibilities, tasks). Demands, Criteria and Technical Specifications  KIT M3 
D5.2 Special Section of TeacHy2020 running under Technical Infrastructure NET-Tools (documentation) (dedicated to Tasks 2.1)  KIT  M8
D5.3 MOOC and demo course development  DTU M9 
D5.4 MOOC, demo course, degree course content and repository integration onto the LMS  DTU M10 
D5.5 Conduct a preliminary trial run of the LMS Grenoble INP  M11 
D5.6 Test result tracking  KIT M12 
D6.1 MSc course accreditation  UCPT M24 
D6.2 Compilation, analysis and implementation of student and teacher
critical feedback
KPI  M36 
D6.3 Report on lessons learnt from trial and full MSc course run  UCPT M36 
D7.1 Associate network participant list defining member roles UBHAM  M2 
D7.2 Project Gathering, Year 1  UBHAM M10 
D7.3 Associate network participant list (update)  UBHAM M14 
D7.4 Project Gathering, Year 2  UBHAM M22 
D7.5 Project Gathering, Year 3  UBHAM M34 
D7.6 Record of staff exchanges ULB  M36 
D7.7 Mid-Term Network Activity Report ULB  M18 
D8.1 Website construction  UU M3 
D8.2 Dissemination and marketing strategy report  UBHAM  M4 
D8.3 Business model report  UBHAM M12 
D8.4 Dissemination mid-term report  UU M18 
D8.5 Dissemination final report  UU M36 
D9.1 Kick-off meeting  UBHAM M1 
D9.2 Industry advisory board training needs document  ULB M2 
D9.3 Mid-term project progress report  UBHAM M18 
D9.4 Final project meeting  UBHAM M36 


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The TeacHy project is part of the project portfolio of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking.

Project reference: 779730.