Hydrogen Safety - TeacHy

Compressed Gas Association (CGA)

  • H-1 Service Conditions for Portable, Reversible Metal Hydride Systems
  • H-2 Guidelines for the Classification and Labelling of Hydrogen Storage Systems with Hydrogen Absorbed in Reversible Metal Hydrides
  • H-3 Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage
  • H-4 Terminology Associated with Hydrogen Fuel Technologies
  • H-5 Installation Standards for Bulk Hydrogen Supply Systems
  • G-5.3 Commodity Specification for Hydrogen
  • G-5.4 Standard for Hydrogen Piping Systems at User Locations
  • G-5.5 Hydrogen Vent Systems
  • G-5.8 High Pressure Hydrogen Piping Systems at Consumer Locations
  • C-6.4 Methods for External Visual Inspection of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Hydrogen Vehicle (HV) Fuel Containers and Their Installations

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The TeacHy project is part of the project portfolio of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking.

Project reference: 779730.