Hydrogen Safety - TeacHy

Interfacial electrochemistry and electrocatalysis

The Module is focused on the complex aspects for real electrochemical systems: role of the double layer, complex redox mechanisms, physical techniques coupled to electrochemistry.

The module consists of 8 lectures:

A: Interfacial electrochemistry

Lecture 1: The electrochemical interface, electrocehmical potential, capacitive and faradaic current densities.

Lecture 2: Models of the double layer.

Lecture 3: Specific adsorption.

Lecture 4: Thermodynamics of the interface.

Lecture 5: Influence of the double layer on the electrode kinetcis (with / without specific adorption).

B: Electrocatalysis

Lecture 6: Electronic structure and electrocatalysis (relationship structure / composition / electrocatalytic activity)

Lecture 7: Example of multi-step reaction: Volmer-Heyrovsky-Tafel (H2 evolution).

Lecture 8: Physical techniques coupled to electrochemistry (FTIR, Raman, DEMS, etc.)

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The TeacHy project is part of the project portfolio of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking.

Project reference: 779730.