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FC Modelling Tools and Control

The modelling part of module material provides fundamentals on the techniques for the modelling of fuel cells, from the electrodes of the single cells to the complete systems including balance of plant components. Fuel cells can be considered as non-linear dynamic systems with multiple inputs and outputs in which mass, momentum, energy and charge transfer take place together with chemical and electrochemical catalytic reactions. An overview of modelling techniques is presented, as well as a brief introduction on thermodynamics and electrochemistry of fuel cells. Transport processes occurring at anode and cathode side are introduced. Then, the tools in order to establish a relationship between irreversible phenomena and polarization losses (i.e., overpotentials) are discussed. Insights on the modelling of both low temperature (PEMFC) and high temperature (SOFC) are provided, including whole system/plant analysis tools. At the end of modelling sub-module some exercises are stepwise solved to make the student more confident with numerical results for cells and systems. Finally, a real example of a biogas-fed SOFC-based system is presented. The second part of the course deals with control techniques applied to fuel cells, including control models, dynamic response of a system, feedback control, linear control for fuel cells and a collection of exercises. The overall duration of modelling part has a duration of 22.5 hours, while the control section material is developed through 7.5 hours.

Module material is organized according to the following list of lectures:

  1. Introduction on modelling of fuel cell systems
  2. Thermodynamics and electrochemistry basic principles
  3. Transport phenomena
  4. Electrochemical modelling
  5. PEMFC modeling
  6. SOFCs modelling: multidimensional approach
  7. SOFC stack and system modelling
  8. Exercises on SOFC
  9. Seminar on biogas-fed SOFC-based systems
  10. Introduction on control
  11. Models for control
  12. Dynamic responses
  13. Feedback control, P-,PI-,PD- controllers
  14. Linear control design for fuel cells
  15. Control applied on Fuel cells (exercise)

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The TeacHy project is part of the project portfolio of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking.

Project reference: 779730.